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Achievement Test for Migdalor Reader 1

Achievement test for the book Migdalor Reader, part 1. More details...
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Achievement Test for Migdalor Reader 1
Achievement Test for Migdalor Reader 1
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Product Details
The Midgalor Program includes achievement tests for formal evaluation based on books used throughout the year in order to evaluate children's skills achieved in the following areas: listening comprehension of single words and sentences, vocabulary (using pictures), reading, reading comprehension, and written expression including grammar. This achievement test is based on Migdalor Reader part 1 and is accompanied with instructions to the teacher (test administration and point system). Assessment helps the teacher evaluate and monitor students' progress and is an essential part of early instruction. It signals teachers the need to modify learning activities to meet individual needs and determine when to provide "early intervention." It also provides feedback to students and their parents. In addition to the formal assessment achieved with this test we recommend the use of various informal assessment and evaluation strategies, such as observations of children's reading behaviors, classroom participation, and writing assignments.

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