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Shy Publishing Corporation was established in 1985 by Drs. Shahar and Rina Yonay in response to the need for suitable educational material to be used in teaching the Hebrew language and other Jewish topics in Jewish schools throughout the world.

Since 1985, Drs. Rina and Shahar Yonay have worked diligently to satisfy this need by writing workbooks in a systematic and vivid manner on subjects such as grammar, Hebrew language, Bible (Chumash and Navi), Jewish Law and customs, Mishna and G'mara (Talmud) for various age groups (from kindergarten through high school) and different school settings (day schools, Yeshivot, afternoon and Sunday Hebrew school programs).

All our books are written in accordance with the Jewish tradition, with an emphasis on educational values, including national, religious, moral and humanitarian values. Some of our books (e.g., Hamikra'a Sheli and Systematic Hebrew series) are written around the Jewish calendar (i.e., Jewish Holidays and important national events). Our books have been used in many schools with much success throughout the years.

Drs. Shahar Yonay and Dr. Rina Yonay both earned their Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pittsburgh in Educational Administration and Educational Psychology, respectively and have vast experience in teaching various age groups in different school settings in Israel and in the United States, as well as administration, supervision, teaching in the University and Colleges the methodology of various Jewish subjects, school psychology, writing, and more.

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